ztzn explosion-proof

With the rapid development of industrialization, the application of explosion-proof control boxes has become more and more extensive. Explosive gas explosions are an important issue in preventing the explosion of explosive gases. When the control box is w

In order to meet the growing demand of the market, there are various explosion-proof box profiles: the explosion-proof control box can be customized according to user needs, and can be made into box type, piano type and cabinet type according to user needs. The material is made of high-quality steel for bending and welding, special processing, high-pressure surface electrostatic spraying, sealing joint parts to ensure its airtightness, the shell is protected by multiple seals, saving pressure for a long time and saving operating costs.
Technical requirements: The cabinet should be designed according to the design requirements of circuit breaker equipment, measuring instruments, protection equipment and auxiliary equipment in the closed circuit cabinet to form a low voltage control system. In normal operation, it can be operated by an external handle or an electric switch. When a fault or abnormal operation uses the panel indicator alarm, the cabinet can display the operating parameters of the device through the device.
Protection device: The explosion-proof control box protection device is complete. Under the control of the positive pressure system, after the cabinet reaches the specified pressure value, it can automatically generate electricity and has high and low pressure automatic alarm function. At the same time, it has low pressure limit, automatic interlock protection, such as automatic door opening, emergency manual stop, etc., and has excellent protection performance.


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