ztzn explosion-proof

The explosion-proof cabinet plays the role of explosion-proof, which is related to the personal safety of the personnel present, so it must be standardized when constructing, and the structure must meet the requirements of the national standard.

Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets should use the medium to isolate the source of the explosion-proof method and constitute the positive pressure maintenance and then reach the explosion-proof intention of the electrical equipment. The structure of the mechanism and the built-in components can be made according to the needs of users.
Under the control of the active control system, the explosion-proof cabinet becomes a safe and small environment with a slight positive pressure, and then obstructs the flammability risk gas into the positive pressure chamber, ensuring the safe operation of the internal instrument and electrical components. The active control system first completes the series of functions such as manual ventilation, qi, ultra-high pressure active alarm and exhaust, under-voltage alarm, low-voltage interlock power-off.


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