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We all know that explosion-proof cabinets, explosion-proof is a big concept, explosion-proof electrical with explosion-proof function is explosion-proof type, explosion-proof type also: increased safety type, intrinsically safe type, positive pressure typ

The principle of the flameproof type is to enclose all the components of the equipment that may ignite the explosive gas mixture in an outer casing, the outer casing of which can withstand any joint surface or structural gap through the outer casing, and the flammable mixture penetrating into the outer casing explodes inside without Damaged, and can ensure that the internal flame gas reduces energy when it propagates through the gap, not enough to detonate the gas in the outer casing.


The principle of positive pressure type is to limit the flammable mixture by keeping the pressure of the protective gas inside the equipment casing higher than the surrounding explosion-proof environment pressure to safe electrical equipment to protect static positive pressure or maintain continuous air or inert gas flow inside the system. Enter the inside of the enclosure. Take away the flammable gas entering the enclosure when the device is not positively pressurized to prevent the formation of a flammable mixture within the enclosure.
The explosion-proof cabinet power distribution cabinet frame adopts the main and auxiliary disk structure. The whole cabinet includes ventilation system, pressure detection system, automatic control system, ventilation system, measurement system and electrical system. The product can be equipped with detection instruments, analytical instruments, display instruments, low-voltage electrical appliances, frequency converters, soft starters or computer control systems, which can be used as central signal processing systems and central control systems.
The difference between a simple explosion-proof explosion-proof cabinet and a positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet is that the explosion-proof form is different, the workmanship is different, and the applicable places are different.
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