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At present, the "explosion-proof analysis cabin" is produced in China. This highly integrated “analysis cabin” can effectively help oil, petrochemical, chemical and other industries to monitor the gas and liquid conditions in industrial production proce

“The introduction of global advanced technology to foreign countries and the latest achievements in the localization of foreign automation business. The complete solution provided by 'analysis cabin' can help industry users to ensure production safety and efficiency. Zhongtong explosion-proof industry has rich experience, high quality and reliable business performance. It has been widely praised by domestic customers. The 100th 'analysis cabin' is another milestone in the company's domestic development."
The explosion-proof "analysis cabin" of Zhongtong is similar to a standard container. It uses a variety of communication technologies to integrate various process analysis instruments and auxiliary equipment in a complete solution. It can also integrate distributed control systems, conventional instruments and meters, and electrical switches. Cabinets, motor control centers, etc. These devices provide real-time online monitoring and analysis of gas and liquid conditions during industrial production at the job site, while helping the instrument to be protected from complex external conditions.
The company can provide enterprises with "one-stop" service from the early design, procurement, production, engineering, and after-sales service of "analysis cabin". At the same time, the “analysis cabin” uses a variety of safety measures to ensure safe operation in extreme climates such as deserts, cold, tropical rain forests, and hazardous explosion areas and strong corrosion. For example, the exterior wall panel of the cabin adopts a chain structure and uses special technology to improve the insulation grade, achieving good insulation, explosion-proof, fireproof and seismic performance.
The automation and electrical equipment in the traditional “analysis cabin” emits a lot of heat, which leads to high energy consumption in the air conditioning system. The “analysis cabin” of our company has a compact design and good thermal insulation performance, which can greatly reduce the overall energy consumption, and the energy consumption can be reduced by 30%~40% compared with the traditional design. At the same time, on-site operation and equipment maintenance in a clean environment isolated from the outside of the cabin also enhances the safety of the “analysis cabin”.
Zhongtong Explosion-proof is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of explosion-proof electrical equipment. It develops and produces various explosion-proof electrical appliances and explosion-proof lamps. Main products: explosion-proof distribution box, explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet, stainless steel explosion-proof box, steel plate welding box, aluminum alloy box, explosion-proof instrument Box, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof circuit breaker, explosion-proof maintenance box, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof floodlight, maintenance-free explosion-proof lamp, LED series explosion-proof lamp, as well as explosion-proof axial fan, exhaust fan and other explosion-proof products.
The company's main products: explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet, explosion-proof distribution box (cabinet), explosion-proof bolt, explosion-proof circuit breaker, explosion-proof air switch, explosion-proof button box, maintenance box, explosion-proof junction box (box), explosion-proof pipe fittings, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof Fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof energy-saving lamps, sound and light alarms, LED explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof distribution boxes, explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes, explosion-proof power distribution boxes, explosion-proof electrical boxes, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof control boxes, explosion-proof power distribution Cabinet, positive pressure type explosion-proof power distribution cabinet, explosion-proof soft starter, explosion-proof auto-decompression and decompression electromagnetic starter box, explosion-proof star-delta starter box, explosion-proof operation column, explosion-proof anti-corrosion operation column, explosion-proof magnetic starter, explosion-proof circuit breaker, explosion-proof Overhaul power socket box, explosion-proof power maintenance box, explosion-proof frequency converter, explosion-proof travel switch, explosion-proof lighting switch, explosion-proof conversion switch, explosion-proof cable tray, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof plastic fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof clean fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof floodlight, explosion-proof floodlight Lamp, explosion-proof emergency light, explosion-proof sign light, explosion-proof street lamp, explosion-proof platform lamp, explosion-proof flexible connecting pipe, explosion-proof stuffing box, anti-proof Cable clamp sealing joint, explosion-proof electric fan, explosion-proof exhaust fan, explosion-proof axial fan, explosion-proof air conditioner, explosion-proof flashlight, portable explosion-proof searchlight, anti-glare floodlight, in-field explosion-proof floodlight, anti-glare channel light, anti- Dizzy emergency access lights, waterproof and dustproof and shockproof floodlights, mine explosion-proof projection lights and other explosion-proof lighting switch products. The company's products sell well in major petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, military, aerospace and other important projects at home and abroad. He has won recognition and praise from many users such as Sinopec Group and China National Offshore Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., and has won high reputation at home and abroad. Especially in explosion-proof distribution boxes (cabinet), explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets, explosion-proof inverters, explosion-proof starters, explosion-proof plastic fluorescent lamps, explosion-proof clean lamps have great prestige in some large oil fields and chemical plants, and market share. ! It has been rated as an excellent company for many times, 3A units! It is an explosion-proof electric appliance company integrating development, production, sales and service.


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