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According to the "2014-2018 China Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Market Analysis and Investment Trend Research Report", There is great market for explosion-proof electrical equipment. Large-capacity, intelligent electrical equipmen

However, Zhongtong Explosion-Proof is a national explosion-proof electrical appliance manufacturer with leading products and complete product series. It always adheres to the enterprise tenet of “professional, scientific and technological quality, leading the industry”. With its strong R&D capability, complete manufacturing level and reliability. The product quality is to improve the safety production level of coal mines and continue to lead the development of domestic mining explosion-proof electrical appliances industry. Since its establishment, the company has been specialized in the R&D, production, sales and service of all kinds of mine explosion-proof electrical products. It adheres to the corporate goal of “Based on the top of the industry and striving for the world brand” and continuously develops new products.
At present, the production technology level of explosion-proof electrical appliances is developing rapidly, and the speed of product upgrading is also very fast. The number of series has increased, the types of explosion-proof have increased, the power range has expanded, and the explosion-proof standards have also improved. After years of development, China's explosion-proof electrical equipment can basically meet the requirements of major industrial and mining departments such as coal, petroleum and chemical industry.
Under the impetus of market demand and scientific research and development, Zhongtong Explosion is in line with the development trend of national industrial policies and industry technologies, and is committed to research and development of new products with independent intellectual property rights, intensifying technology development and innovation, and constantly introducing advanced technology and operation. Stable and reliable mine explosion-proof electrical appliances, consolidate the company's leading position in the domestic industry.
In today's society, safety is the most basic and important requirement in life and production. In this context, China has also accelerated its support for explosion-proof electrical equipment. At present, in the general electric machinery production process, domestic explosion-proof electrical appliances can fully meet the process requirements, no matter in terms of functionality or reliability, it is not worse than foreign imported motors, and can even completely replace some foreign imported explosion-proof electrical appliances.
In the future, with the improvement of the safety needs of various industries, China's explosion-proof electrical equipment will usher in greater development.


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