Our mission

To provide the end users with safe, reliable and excellent Ex-equipment with more reasonable structure and aesthetic design.

To get closer to our clients is one of our inherent qualities. We are indeed proud of our knowledge of our clients-big or small, and the understanding of their requirements-more or less. Despite their industries and circumstances, they share something in common: To have safe and reliable explosion safe equipment to protect their people and properties. That is right what ZTZN strives to do, to stand by our clients to listen to them and provide them with what they need.


Social Responsibility

To Protect the Production Safety in Hazardous Conditions

Cole Value

Being Rigorous, Cooperative, Innovative and Excellent


To Be the Most Trustworthy Company in Ex-proof Industry To Become the Top Brand of Explosion Proof Equipment


Quality Philosophy

Never Stop Seeking Excellence


Employment Philosophy

We value the personal ability and achievement and encourage employees to work for the inside senior positions. We listen to our employees, get to understand them so that to put them in the best position where they can produce best performance to benefit both the company and themselves


Corporate Style

Eliminate Bureaucracy - Act Quickly- Be Realistic - Work Hard


Interested in our products or need advice?

If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.